Alternative arrangements of English tunes

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This site offers (besides other settings) a collection of more than 160 four-voice harmonizations of English hymn tunes, which  are sung in Great Britain and other English speaking countries in the world.  They can be played on the organ, in many occasions on the piano as well. For the greater part the leading voice of the settings is for the soprano, but sometimes it is the alto or the tenor that leads the melody. If your organ has two keyboards or more, it may be useful to play the melody voice (in cases of the soprano and the tenor) a bit louder on a second keyboard .
The different pages of this site refer partly to the index of the new songbook of the united Protestant Dutch churches.  From this songbook more than 500 harmonizations have been edited

The last column of each page refers to MP3 recordings of the relevant tunes. I played and recorded them on the Reichner-Witte organ of the Abbey Church in The Hague, Holland. This organ dates from 1780/1856.

We invite church musicians, who are interested in this subject, to watch these settings and play them.

Any kind of comment or criticism is welcome

                Henk Lemckert